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VIDEO: Brittani Paige for Tragic Genius October 21 2015

PaigeLife: Brittani Paige October 18 2015

It was 2012. 

We were in Las Vegas to hang out with some friends at the annual ultimate car show that is SEMA.  A new model was introduced to us whose beautiful face and friendly personality gave us the impression we were talking to young lady who was going to do big things.

That young model was Brittani Paige.

Fast-forward to 2015 and it is not an easy task to get on Brittani's jam-packed schedule.  The world is at this girl's feet.  Lucky for us, this California girl decided to spend some time on the East Coast and see what Fall looked like. 

Being an opportunistic bunch, we managed to get some time with Brittani in Baltimore, MD.

Brittani has a fearless and affable way about her humor which makes her laughter and fun attitude infectious.  She's every bit as cool and funny as she's ever been and we were glad to get some time with her.  You can check out some shots Brittani in our new DMV crewneck, below.


If you want to catch more of Brittani, check her out here:
Instagram: @msbrittanipaige
Twitter: @msbrittanipaige

Jeri Lee Redux October 17 2015

It's no secret that we have something of an obsession with Jeri Lee.  What can we say?  We've been fans of hers from day one.  So, when we ran into her at Tuner Evolution 2015 in Philadelphia, we just had to ask her if she'd sit for another set with us.  She was kind enough to oblige and what follows are some of the results.



If you wanna catch more of Mama Lee, you can go to:


Instagram:  @mama_lee

We gotta say that almost every day in this TRAGIC life is pretty sweet....but some days are sweeter than others.

Until next time, Jeri...

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Instagram Round-up! September 16 2013

VIDEO: Jeri Lee August 16 2013

As with most of our shoots, J.E.P. loves to add a little video companion.

You didn't think we'd miss out on that chance, with Jeri, did you?

Me either.

Jeri Lee for TRAGIC | GENIUS from Jeff "j.e.p" Prioleau on Vimeo.

The Legendary Jeri Lee August 06 2013

VIDEO: Extra Emily Goodness July 22 2013

Emily Duong for Tragic Genius from Jeff "j.e.p" Prioleau on Vimeo.

So we kept the film rolling for some of our photograph's with Emily and thought you might appreciate a little something extra.


Emily Duong July 14 2013