UK-Based Prodrive develops colored carbon fiber April 24 2013, 0 Comments

You ever wish your carbon fiber parts could match your color scheme?  Talk to U.K.-based company Prodrive.  They have developed a process that allows for colored carbon fiber.  The company said in a statement, "advanced composite components in a range of stunning, deep-lustre colors can now be produced..."

The new process that they have developed is the result of a six month development program that, Prodrive says, "...focused on quality and durability."

Right now, they have validated the technique by producing panels in Maroon and British Racing Green.  Mind you, these are just samples and Prodrive claims an entire spectrum of color will be possible.

Right now, Prodrive is developing parts with these composites for British luxury cars, at the moment, with plans for marine and aviation applications, in the future.

I'm sure we in the United States may be able to get our grubby hands on some, in the future....and I'm sure it's gonna cost us a pretty penny.