Crystal Couture 2015 February 09 2015, 0 Comments

We decided to kick off Saturday evening by catching the tail-end of the three-day fashion event at Crystal City Shops, Crystal Couture.  The event is an annual showcase of great local talent...and on that, they deliver with some legit trunk shows.
They kicked off the deal with a some military garb from Top Rank Vintage and we spotted one of our good friends, Pete LaFlare, in the mix.

Local radio personalities from Fresh FM, 94.7's Tommy Show hosted the festivities and among the myriad local fashion houses present were GlamourHolics Curbside Fashion Truck, Passport Clothing, REVEL Style, and Chic Bella Boutique, showing off bright colors and fresh patterns.

The great offerings and lovely models made us wonder what we had missed on Thursday and Friday.  Furthermore, it made us wonder what we were paying our intern for if he just kept lunching on our Events Calendar like this.

...oh yes, we pay him nothing.

Who knows?  Maybe next year, they will allow some of our tees into their show.  Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

You can check out the mentioned brands at the sites, below:

Top Rank Vintage:
GlamourHolics Curbside Fashion Truck:
Passport Clothing:
REVEL Style:
Chic Bella Boutique: